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Old Car Recycling For Parts

GoCarRemoval is dedicated in keeping the environment clean by taking away the unregistered, Scrap, Old and Unwanted vehicles off Sydney’s roads and streets. The increased number of Scrap unwanted and unregistrable vehicles have become a hazard to our environment and Go Car Removal is playing an important role in decreasing these environmental hazards. Our Car Disposal yards are busy metal Recycling  these Old Cars. Our Old Car Recycling service is a hassle free and straightforward process.

The Need For Scrap Car Recycling

Scrap car recycling, or vehicle recycling, is the tearing down of old vehicles for the usefulness of their spare parts. Since the beginning of automobile creation, old vehicles have always been dismantled after their usefulness on the road has expired, but manufacturers getting involved in the process and using the salvageable parts, is a relatively new concept and process.

Scrap Car Recycling – why?

There are a number of benefits in scrap car recycling:

  1. The conservation of our natural resources:

The depletion of our natural resources is a growing concern, worldwide. On a yearly basis, enough energy can be saved to power over 19 million homes by recycling steel, and other non-ferrous metals

  1. Recycling takes up considerably less energy than manufacturing from scratch:

The making of metal uses more than 70% more energy than simply recycling it would use. Additionally, an estimate of 85 million barrels of oil is saved annually, due to scrap car recycling.

  1. Less contamination is being released into the environment:

Mercury is collected from mercury switches and recycled before it can pollute the atmosphere

Scrap Car Recycling – how?

Scrap car recycling is a 5-part process:

  1. The vehicles are first inventoried for what parts may still be useful and salvageable
  2. The engine is run to check for any resident leaks
  3. All fluids are drained from the vehicle
  4. All other hazardous materials (such as mercury from the switches, sodium azide, which is the gas forming component in the air bags, and the battery) are removed
  5. The remaining shell of the car is crushed

We also pickup Old Trucks, Utes, Vans and other vehicles from farms and rural areas. Now you don’t have to put-up with those ugly metal piles sitting on your shed or drive ways.

Old Car Disposal

We Buy any Vehicles regardless of there condition. These vehicles are brought to are scrap yards in Parramatta and Toongabbie and and are prepared for metal recycling. Our Car Recycling service is a people friendly service as it leaves some cash in our customers pocket while cleaning there space from those Unwanted Scrap cars for free.


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